Professional Negotiators

Organizations hire us to help them negotiate complex business deals, as well as difficult, seemingly intractable disputes. Our clients are experts in their business, and we are experts in negotiation. Together, we make a formidable team.

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Executive Coaching

We work individually with executives and organizational key talent, providing direct one-on-one negotiation skill development and on-going strategic support, development, and negotiation advice.

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Training & Development

We develop the world's most effective negotiators. There is no single method or strategy that is effective for all negotiations. This is why we train our clients in multiple methodologies and strategies. We design our training content and delivery methods to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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The Only Measure of Success...


Results in negotiation come from proper strategy, preparation, practice, and experience. We work alongside our client's negotiation, legal, or executive negotiation team, using our negotiation expertise and experience to ensure the best deal possible is secured. This means value trades were made in accord with priorities; no potential value was left unexplored, and no possible value was left on the table. The terms of the agreement are durable and support the short and long-term goals of our clients.

In our executive coaching and training practice, we focus on intensive negotiation simulations using the opportunities and obstacles facing your organization. Intensive instruction and feedback includes negotiation strategy, creating negotiation narratives, framing and re-framing language, persuasion, integrative and power/distributive approaches.


The First Step...

Call us. We provide every client with an individualized needs analysis and solution roadmap. Clarity, Results, and Accountability from the first phone call.