Professional Negotiators

Corporations, Municipalities and individuals hire us to help them negotiate complex and high value deals, as well as difficult, seemingly intractable disputes or impasses. Our clients are experts in their business or in governing, and we are experts in Negotiation. Together we make a formidable team.

Executive Coaching

We work individually with business and municipal leaders providing direct, one-on-one negotiation skill development and on-going strategic support, development, and negotiation advice.

Gain a Competitive Advantage through Professional Negotiation

Results in negotiation come from proper strategy, preparation, practice and experience. We work alongside our corporate and municipal clients that have an existing negotiation infrastructure. We become members of their negotiation team, enabling them to focus on their respective competencies, while we focus on giving our clients an advantage in the negotiation. We also negotiate on behalf of clients who prefer we handle the entirety of the negotiation.  In either case, we ensure the terms of the agreement support the short and long-term goals of our clients.


The First Step

Call or email us to find out how we can specifically help your organization attain the competitive advantage of winning in negotiations.